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Here's what we do...
Flagship Housing LLC coordinates and engineers the purchase and sale of properties for our group of companies founded in 1978 that has targeted its efforts on investing in real estate in Upstate New York and nationwide. As part of the groupís expanding organization, Flagship Housing LLC focuses its efforts on marketing, assessment, negotiation, and acquisition of pre-existing multi-unit apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and commercial properties.

Flagship Housing LLC helps owners of real estate who are weighed down by the difficulties and complexities of property ownership and management. The following are some examples of the types of problems we help to solve:

Flagship Housing LLC purchases commercial real estate investments, particularly medium sized multi-family apartment buildings, from people like you or someone you know.

We are NOT Realtors.  We don’t list properties for sale, we BUY them!

We are individuals just like you that buy properties and would like to buy more.

What type of property is Flagship Housing LLC looking for?
We pursue many types of multi-family apartments, mobile home parks, and commercial real estate.

Let us assure you that our services and evaluations are free.  What we do is create options that enable you to sell your property without having to deal with realtors or trying to sell privately.

Image of Apartment Building
Selling your property using traditional real estate sales methods can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating, especially if you have time or proximity constraints.  If you are in a situation that requires you to sell your real estate, we may have a solution that will help you accomplish that goal.  Additionally, we may be able to eliminate from 3% to 6% in Real Estate sales commission from the transaction by keeping the real estate companies out of it.  You and your tenants will not need to endure multiple showings to an endless parade of realtors and potential buyers.  Also, you won’t have to list your property “for sale by owner” and set-up multiple appointments to conduct showings on your own personal time.  You can avoid the months and months, and sometimes years that it can take to receive an acceptable offer on your property.  Since we don’t charge you any fees, you will also have a much better understanding of how much money you will receive at the closing.

Contact us, or click on I Could Sell Now and tell us about your property.  If your rentals qualify, we can offer you some reasonable choices!

There are many reasons that owners are required to sell their properties, but do not have the time, or are not in a position, to sell by themselves or through Realtors.  This is why so many buildings end up becoming run down.  What we do is provide you with debt and stress relief by working to create offers that will be beneficial to both of us.

The offers that we will present to you are designed to relieve you of the bills and collections, and the huge responsibility of managing, that you don’t have time for.  We do this by developing terms we can agree on, that will create a “win – win” situation for us all.  You may prefer to pass any deferred maintenance on to us, or pay the least amount of income taxes, or even provide the highest long term income for you and your family.  We can structure an offer that caters to your situation.  By putting together an offer that works for you now, we will produce conditions that will be a winning situation for both of us when the units are completed and stabilized.  Of course, it is no secret that we are purchasing these properties to develop long term income and equity.

The professional and respectful approach that we insist upon here at Flagship Housing LLC will quickly provide you with one or more fair options in the form of offers for your property.  We buy many types of real estate in the Rochester and Upstate NY area, and we promise to be courteous and professional while offering you various options for the purchase of your property.  We understand that you have devoted a portion of your life to the acquisition and upkeep of this property, and that it may have special meaning to you.

Flagship Housing LLC makes the process of selling as easy for the owner as possible. We will make all of the necessary arrangements and handle all of the paperwork.  All the seller has to do is decide if they like what we have to offer.

If you (or someone you know) own a property that has reached its time, we invite you to contact us, and give us an opportunity to examine your situation. Let us see if we can help you in the way we have helped other property owners in the past.

Simply fill in the I Could Sell Now form by clicking on the link below or to the left.  We will contact you to begin discussing your options.  If you would just like more information at this point, click on the Contact Us link and select one of the options.  We will be glad to determine your needs, and explain or clarify any further questions you may have regarding your opportunities.