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How Does It Work?

Flagship Housing LLC is a company started by two brothers born and raised in Rochester NY to help real estate owners end the headaches and hassles associated with owning and managing rental property.  We purchase commercial real estate investments, particularly medium sized multi-family apartment buildings, from people like you around the Rochester and Upstate NY area.

We are not a Real-Estate agency.  We do not want to list your property “For Sale” for fees or for a commission.  In fact, you don’t need to pay us anything.  We offer honest and straightforward purchase plans for owners to sell their multi-unit properties quickly!

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We offer you a solution...
You need to resolve the problem of selling your property, and we are able to provide a solution, that can bring us together to create a way that we can both benefit from the transaction.  There are no strings attached.  We will provide you with one or sometimes multiple offers and you always have the option to choose the one you like, or to accept none at all.  We usually have many opportunities available to us, so you’re never obligated or pressured to accept any of our offers.

We don’t always have to purchase your property at a large discount to make the deal work for us.  Also, the property does not have to be in perfect condition for us to be interested.   We can structure several offers, and let you choose the one that suits you best.  The one you choose may be the offer that allows you to pass any deferred maintenance on to us, as buyers; or allows you to pay the lowest income taxes; or even provides the highest long term income for you and your family.  It all depends on your needs as a seller and the condition, area, and price of your investment.  In fact, it is often not that difficult to determine the value of such properties based on the income vs. expenses, and in many cases we can pay more than you expect to receive, depending of course, on how your building qualifies.  Again, it varies with the situation.  Also, even if you have little or no equity in the property, we can often assume the existing debt so that you can get out of your situation.  We can usually figure out how to take over the property with the least hassle for everyone.

How does it work?
  1. You contact us, or fill out the I Could Sell Now form, and provide the information about your situation, your property, your asking price and any other pertinent facts.  (Your information will always be kept confidential and will never be shared outside of our process)
  2. We examine the information you have provided and determine what possibilities we have to create a solution that works for us both.
  3. We get back to you to discuss the possibilities for your property, and if we can agree on some basics, we will arrange with you to see your building.
  4. We will perform some market research to determine our best possible options for price and terms, and present you with one or more offers.
  5. You are then able to choose to go ahead with our offer (or one of the offers) and we can move quickly toward closing, or we can stop the negotiations and part ways.  Remember, you will never be pressured or treated in an unprofessional manner at any time.
  6. Once an acceptable price and purchase terms have been negotiated and accepted, Flagship Housing LLC enters into a due diligence period where the asset is thoroughly examined.  The timeframe varies from project to project but usually takes approximately 30 to 45 days.
  7. During this review period our team interviews and hires the most qualified and reputable advisors and gets the opinions of expert property management companies including our own.
  8. We will now move toward the closing in a time frame that all parties can look forward to.

Flagship Housing LLC makes the process of selling as easy for the owner as possible. We will make all of the necessary arrangements and handle all of the paperwork.  All the seller has to do is decide if they like what we have to offer.

If you (or someone you know) own a property that has reached its time, we invite you to contact us, and give us an opportunity to examine your situation. Let us see if we can help you in the way we have helped other property owners in the past.

Simply fill in the I Could Sell Now form by clicking on the link below or to the left.  We will contact you to begin discussing your options.  If you would just like more information at this point, click on the Contact Us link and select one of the options.  We will be glad to determine your needs, and explain or clarify any further questions you may have regarding your opportunities.